Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pelosi Plans $178 Billion Blank Check for Iraq

"Measured in blood and treasure, the war in Iraq has achieved the status of a major war and a major debacle."

That’s not from the peace movement - it’s from the National Defense University, written by a senior Pentagon official who served under Donald Rumsfeld.

Yet despite the overwhelming opposition of the American people, Speaker Pelosi plans to rush a vote through Congress for another $178 billion blank check.

We must stop this madness. Tell Congress: No More Funds for Iraq

Activists around the country are organizing Iraq Town Halls so we can speak directly to our Representatives:

Unfortunately most Representatives are afraid to face us at our Town Halls, so we’re organizing May Day Protests outside their District Offices on Thursday, May 1 at noon.

May 1 is the original Labor Day, and several unions are going on strike to protest the Iraq War. It’s also "Mission Accomplished Day" (2003) and "Downing Street Minutes Day" (2005). Can you join us?

Thanks for all you do!

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